Sun Wukong's Dark Lord skin has been added to the database!Go check it out, the detail he received is top notch.

Like Dontnerfzeus said, this is a bug that was unfortunately introduced late in the PTS testing. It will be fixed next patch. permalink -2014-04-17 00:13:53 UTC

Settings were reset after the patch. So make sure you try playing with those to ensure they match your previous settings. Turning down Particle Detail alone can often make a big difference, as can the other settings (WOrld Detail, Texture Detail, Shadow Detail). You may also want to play with disabling Ragdoll Physics. These can all be done from the Video Tab. permalink -2014-04-16 13:09:23 UTC

I was wondering when someone would find this :3 permalink -2014-04-14 14:19:46 UTC

These are the shirts that were sold at the Launch Tourney in Atlanta. I own a couple and they are really good. permalink -2014-04-14 02:31:09 UTC

Thanks for the report, but please post in the bug thread next time :) permalink -2014-04-11 18:42:36 UTC