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Smite launches worldwide! Tips for new players.

We're very happy to share the news that Smite has now officially launched worldwide! Are you a new player? Check inside for tips and tricks!

January 31st Planned Hotfix

HiRezStew is going to release a hotfix today that addresses several of the issues that came with the new patch - including UI fixes, spell time-delay balances and performance tweaks. To read more, click this link!

New Feature: Smite Counterpicking system!

Hi guys! We've been hard at work crafting an exciting new feature for SmiteCamp - our very own Counterpick system. My brother and I have tweaked and re-done this page many times, getting it exactly to the point where we thought it was ready for release. To read more, click this link!

Release the Quacken!

Exclusive Launch Tournament Skin: Poolseidon, balance tweaks and a brand new UI make this patch really exciting! Check it out!

Poseidon Skin Poolseidon now added to our online 3D Skin Viewer!

We just added the new Poolseidon skin to our 3D Skin Viewer, it's HiRez's most detailed skin yet! Check it out directly in your browser!